Advantages of extinguishing system Fire Jack


Fire Extinguishing is done through the extinguishing aerosol, which has much higher efficiency than conventional extinguishing agents. Thanks to it's low weight, the aerosol is floating in space for tens of minutes and all this time inhibits combustion.

After the fire the thin layer of sedimented aerosol is cleared away together with the combustion products.


Installation of the extinguishing system FIRE JACK® is simple, fast, without operation disruption of the investor. AHZ FJ doesn't require a separate room for the supply of extinguishing agents, or any piping for distribution.

Durable and ecological

Source mixture, onsisting compressed by inorganic salts, is impregnated against environmental influences by organic resins, doesn‘t lose on weight neither on efficiency and therefore it has high durability in the current environment. It doesn't emit any fumes into the air.

Source mixture and extinguishing aerosol are not toxic and harmful to the environment nor to equipment. Emissions of aerosol into the protected area is not accompanied by overpressure nor by reduction of oxygen amount in the protected area.


Permanent check and monitoring of the entire fire extinguishing system is ensured thanks to sophisticated control system BEFIS® and even remotely via LAN network.

In special cases AHZ FJ also can be used for area protection, where for AHZ FJ function is not required electrical power.

Economic with full-service

Significantly lower cost than other comparable systems, high durability, low cost of regular legal service, service provided 24 hours a day and zero cost of disposal facilities.


  • Much higher fire-fighting efficiency than conventional fire extinguishing systems
  • Installation is simple, fast, without operation disruption
  • Aerosol fire extinguisher is ecological and environmentally friendly
  • No fumes into the air
  • Fire extinguishing elements have high durability
  • Permanently on the alert even without electricity
  • Low price compared to other comparable systems, low cost service


About producer

The BESY CO spol. s.r.o. was founded in 1994, deals with the protection of persons and property in the projects in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Greece.

The motto of our company is to produce and supply to the market fire protection system SIMPLY SIMPLE - aerosol stable extinguishing equipment FIRE JACK®.

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