Technology extinguishing system FIRE JACK®

Fire Fighting

Fire-extinguishing aerosol is phase heterogeneous mixture of ultrafine extinguishing powder and inert gases, which are plotted the powder from generators during thermal decomposition of the source mixture. Fire aerosol has a much higher efficiency than conventional extinguishing extinguishing agent. The normal concentration of extinguishing agent is 50 to 100g/m3.

Success of extinguishing is generally for all fire extinguishing equipment depends on the timely delivery of extinguishing agent, it is necessary to pay special attention to the design of the detection system. If space is flooded by aerosol in time after the start of combustion , it is possible due to the low energy in the center of fire and due to duration of action of extinguishing agents, to achieve even for solids the reduction of fire temperature under the ignition limit and to extinguish fire completely.

There cannot be more than 50 people in rooms protected with automatic extinguishers FIRE JACK.

Source mixture

A mixture of inorganic salts, impregnated formaldehyde resins, which after heating passes through thermal decomposition, the result is the extinguishing aerosol.

Fire extinguishing aerosol

Heterogenous mixtures of ultra-fine (extinguishing) powder having a grain size of the order of μm and a small quantity of gas. The powder after releasing from GHA floats tens of minutes in space and during all this time prevents burning.

Thanks to its low weight, the aerosol is floating in space for tens of minutes and all this time inhibits combustion. Like gas extinguishing system AHZ FJ is extinguishing volume equipment, and therefore is installed for effective fire extinguishing only in enclosed spaces . If the air conditioning system is used in such spaces from hygienic or technological reasons, it will be put out of operation by BEFIS® automatic system before start of fire extinguishing.

Extinguishing aerosol generators

Currently we supply a comprehensive range of generators. All are made from galvanized metal and aluminum sheets with applying of three-layer high quality coating. In case of installation in aggressive environments can be delivered the same types of generators, but made from stainless steel.

GHA is initiated via starter, which is assembled during installation. Starter is suplemented by amplifier in case larger group of generators.

Automatic BEFIS®

Both hardware and software BEFIS® automatic are developed by BESY CO spol. s r.o. in cooperation with VUMS Control Systems, Inc. with respect to the highest degree of resistance to external sources of electromagnetic interference. The solution ensures maximum resistance to incorrect handling.

By default, the automatic Befis consists of ZAH ZAR base boards, BAK control blocks, ESA triggers, backup power supply and signaling panels. The control panel is usually placed in a continuously manned space, it communicates with all connected control blocks, so it displays the status of the entire automatic. However, it can be switched to other modes.

For each protected room the control units are installed. The number of control units is based on the amount of installed starters. Control units are technically implemented as a microcomputer boards and other electronic components. They are equipped with a connector through which are inserted into the base board, so that the correction is easily solved by replacement. The base board is a printed circuit board with separate power supply circuits, terminals for connection of external wiring, sockets for control blocks and connector for service PC.

Blocks at base boards are concentrated in sheet metal racks, power supply and battery. One control block is able to send a command for extinction of up to sixteen connected electronic triggers in a protected room. If larger number of starters is required for a protected room, control blocks are grouped into sets of two or more members, these sets are known as operators.

Electronic starter is simple addressable electronic device which is a source of electrical power required to run the extinguishing aerosol generators through electrochemical starter. Part of the starters is also a temperature sensor environment, the continuous data can be found on the connected PC.

The control PC, all control blocks and all electronic starters communicate via RS-485. The communication with external environment is performed via binary signals, especially receiving signals from the fire detection equipment, from manual starter button and transmitting of signals advising blocking operation of air conditioning, technology and others.


They are a source of initiation heat for the start of thermal decomposition of the source mix.

Electrochemical starter is brought into action by electrical charges from the automatic BEFIS®, - starter - the case of an automatic version AHZ.

Another startup type is thermochemical starter. It is brought into action by an external heat source (flame of fire, also in AHZ FJ standalone version).

Friction starter is the third used type. This kind of starter is brought into action manually and it is designed for portable generator types BR.

Detection equipment

In the case of installation of automatic extinguishing system Fire Jack is required to connect its binary input signal about fire from detection equipment. o avoid false start of fire extinguishing system we have to have the signals from more senzors (at least two) from protected space. In practice, this means that the current sensor (if in the space of just one), it is necessary to add another one with a different principle of operation, and the detection control unit must be able to indicate the status of each of them separately.

In most cases AHZ Fire Jack is installed with its own detection system.


  • Much higher fire-fighting efficiency than conventional fire extinguishing systems
  • Installation is simple, fast, without operation disruption
  • Aerosol fire extinguisher is ecological and environmentally friendly
  • No fumes into the air
  • Fire extinguishing elements have high durability
  • Permanently on the alert even without electricity
  • Low price compared to other comparable systems, low cost service


About producer

The BESY CO spol. s.r.o. was founded in 1994, deals with the protection of persons and property in the projects in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Greece.

The motto of our company is to produce and supply to the market fire protection system SIMPLY SIMPLE - aerosol stable extinguishing equipment FIRE JACK®.

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