Fixed aerosol fire extinguishing equipment FIRE JACK®

The basic part of the aerosol fire extinguishing equipment Fire Jack are extinguishing aerosol generators, which have to be completed by the appropriate starter during installation. Generators are non-pressure metal container that emit extinguishing aerosol only in case of the necessity of fire fighting. Fire extinguishing aerosol is formed by thermal decomposition of the source mixture pressed into the generator in manufacture.

In case that the detection equipment is not installed in a protected space, or fails to comply with existing equipment, the company BESY CO spol. s r.o. can deliver own detection equipment. Automat BEFIS® is assembled with the start buttons.

When the sets of generators in protected rooms are complemented by automatic system BEFIS®, it is the automatic AHZ FIRE JACK. In special cases FIRE JACK also can be used for area protection, where for AHZ FIRE JACK function is not required electrical power. In these cases it is not installed neither automatic BEFIS®, neither classic detection equipment. Relevant variant of fire extinguishing system FIRE JACK® is called as an autonomous AHZ FIRE JACK.

Management and control electronic machine BEFIS® was developed for checking of generator's status, system status reporting and starting of generators complex in spaces affected by a fire. Automatic has a modular design, it is always proposes individually according to the needs of a particular installation. Automatic BEFIS® is equipped with backup power supply, which also includes rechargeable batteries and therefore is functional also in case of a power failure.

For manual use and fire extinguishing without automatic system there are the range of products from hand-held aerosol fire extinguishers .

Block diagram

Automatic BEFIS®

distributed electronic control and information system that constantly monitors the performance of electrical parts FIRE JACK® fire extinguishing system. Warning device is activated first based on fire alarm and then extinguishing complex in the protected section affected by fire.

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Extinguishing aerosol generator

Pressure-filled metal container mixtures source from which extinguishing aerosol is released by thermal decomposition. GHA is initiated by starter supplied during installation. The starter is a pyrotechnic product class T 1 initiated electrically, or thermochemically.

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Electronic startup automatic. It is the final element placed directly in in the extinguishing area EPS is addressable and provides continuous control of the starter GHA and the measurement of temperature in your neighborhood.

Detection equipment

It is used for installation of automatic AHZ FJ as a transmitter of information about fire to the control panel of fire detection equipment. as a transmitter of information about fire to the control panel of fire detection equipment.

Electronic starter ESA

It provides measurement of generator BR starter integrity and its ignition.

Aerosol fire extinguishing equipment Fire Jack is ussually placed in industrial and alsoin administrative spaces. Aerosol can also be used for extinguishing of powered electrical equipment, up to 22kV.