Catalogue » Switchboard of BEFISĀ® automatic system

Distributed electronic control and information system permanently monitors the functionality of electrical parts of the fire extinguishing equipment FIRE JACK®. Based on signal of fire alarm, warning device is activated first and then the extinguishing complex in the protected section affected by fire, archived events at FIRE JACK®. It is technically designed to send relevant information into the schema of protected sections in customer's PC and through it to the internet. Technically, the BEFIS®is formed by starters placed near generators and by several types of printed circuit boards and by active and passive electronic components such as built-in components.

Metal cabinet including: built-in components BEFIS® automatic, backup source electricity incl. 24V battery, with socket for connecting external cables and as required complemented by other electrical components. Switchboard design is a part of specific project.

A brief overview of embedded components of BEFIS® automatic system

BAK station

System component of BEFIS automatic - Addressable station

station HUB

System component of BEFIS automatic - controller of communication lines

BAK and HUB stations are the electronic boards of various purpose, assembled on base board with counterpart. BAK Station is the basic logical element of BEFISĀ® automatic. Each protected segment is equipped with one BAK station at least. Station HUB is designed to control the exchange of information within the automatic at various levels and their number depends on the topology of the automatic.

The main base board for HUB station and BAK

Length130 mm
Width150 mm
Height110 mm
(including station BAK)

Expansion base board for HUB station and BAK

Length130 mm
Width110 mm
Height110 mm
(including station BAK)

Base boards ZAH and ZAR are supporting electronic board for installation of stations BAK and HUB. ZAH board contains the power supply for the electronics and allows the connection of communication cable. The board ZAR has only a supporting function. ZAR board can be connected to the board ZAH and by connecting additional boards ZAR we can create a string consisting of a ZAH board and one to four ZAR boards.

Relay board REL

Addressable System board, which connects BEFIS system with external systems and devices

Length130 mm
Width110 mm
Height40 mm

Electronic starter ESA

It provides measurement of BR generator starter integrity and its initiation

Length100 mm
Width40 mm
Height25 mm

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