Catalogue » The extinguishing aerosol generators

Unpressurized metal container is filled with a source mixture from which extinguishing aerosol is generated by thermal decomposition. Extinguishing aerosol generators are activated via starter added to the system during installation. The starter is a pyrotechnic product class T 1 initiated electrically, or thermochemically.

Generator of the type BR 1 and BR 2 are designed for installation into no explosive atmosphere. On the other hand the generator BR 4 is designed for installation into explosive atmosphere . It can be placed in zone 2 according to ČSN EN 1127-1, explosion group G, temperature class T3.

BR 1

Protection rooms. They can be combined into sets of up to five pieces and they are hung on a simple steel construction placed on the wall.

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Nominal extinguishing capability20m3
Generator Weight3,7kg + 0,3kg
Filling weight1kg
Generator height115mm
Generator diameter162mm

BR 2

Protection of technological space where they stand freely, or they are situated in suitable place . They are not adapted for installation into sets.

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Nominal extinguishing capability4 m3
Generator weight1,2 kg
Filling weight200 g
Generator height88 mm
Generator diameter90 mm

BR 4

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Nominal extinguishing capability10 m3
Generator weight7 kg
Filling weight1 kg
Generator height334 mm
Generator diameter180 mm

The generators are characterised by their nominal extinguishing capability, expressed as the volume of space in which the amount of emitted aerosol from the generator, ensures extinguish flammable liquid fires or fire localization of solid combustible materials. The nominal extinguishing capability corresponds to the test area with a precisely defined small leaks and calulated value is 50 g aerosol to one cubic meter. If there are leakages in the particular protected space that cannot be closed in the case of fire, or protected space is of extraordinary configuration, it may be necessary to increase the aerosol concentration and the required number of the generators GHA is determined by the project after a detailed calculation.

Extinguishing aerosol generators are activated by the starter, which is assembled during installation. Starter is supplemented by amplifier in case of launching of two to five pieces BR 1.