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What is a stable extinguishing equipment FIRE JACK

Aerosol stable extinguishing equipment FIRE JACKĀ® is automatically triggered extinguishing equipment for interior spaces that uses so-called "inhibitory effect" of extinguishing aerosol for fire fighting. FIRE JACK® device works with any fire alarm systems.

FIRE JACK® system comprising:

...and further components detection and management:

  • Uninterruptible power supply management
  • Detection equipment
  • Option to manually start


  • Much higher efficiency than conventional extinguishing systems
  • Aerosol fire extinguisher is eco-friendly and environmentally sound
  • No fumes into the air
  • Fire elements have high durability
  • Constantly on the alert even without electricity
  • Low price than other comparable systems, low cost service

Fire extinguishing equipment FIRE JACK® extinguishes through he extinguishing aerosol, which has much higher efficiency than conventional extinguishing agent. Thanks to its low weight, the aerosol is floating in space for tens of minutes and all this time inhibits combustion.

After the fire the thin layer of sedimented aerosol is cleared away at the same time with sedimented combustion.

Description of extinguishing aerosol system FIRE JACK®…


FIRE JACK can be installed as an automatic stable extinguishing equipment in different kinds of spaces, including places with hard conditions. Installation is simple, fast, without interfering with traffic. It does not require a separate room for the supply of extinguishing agents, or any piping for distribution.